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  • Don’t Let Halloween Makeup Ruin Your Skin

    The scariest thing this Halloween and Day of the Dead may actually be the makeup you are putting on your face! Lead is a known carcinogen and powerful neurotoxin that scientists generally agree has no safe level of exposure. Its negative effects are wide-reaching, affecting nearly every part of the body. And yet, lead can be found in numerous brands of makeup in the United States. According to a Huffington Post article, a recent study found that 66% of the top brands of lipstick sold in the U.S. contain lead, not to mention other toxic metals like cadmium, aluminum, and nickel as well. And a study conducted by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics found that 10 out of 10 children’s Halloween makeup items tested positive for lead. Shocking! We need to protect our children! Phthalates, paraben...
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  • 09-13 11:56
  • Face Paint Ideas

    As a working face painter, I've painted thousands of children over the past 13 years. The best quality is water-based face paint. And I would say there are several tried and true designs that remain popular after all this time.   Thanks to social media and popular culture, there are also trends which sweep through the 'industry'. These tend to coincide with new release movies (eg Star Wars, Xmen, Frozen, Moana, etc). Some of these trends seem to last longer than others. I'm sure my fellow face painters would agree the Frozen phenomenon appears here to stay). Then there are also seasonal designs like Halloween, Christmas, national events, etc.   Generally speaking, the most popular children's face paint designs have remained fairly consistent over the past decade. As a working face painter...
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  • 09-13 11:17
  • 14th July Replay

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