Maybe you are the CEO of a makeup brand, Maybe you are [...]
Maybe you are the CEO of a makeup brand, Maybe you are the product manager of a makeup brand, Maybe you want to create your own makeup brand. But you must have these confusions when choosing a product--- Don't know what products are hot sales, Don't know how to expand new products, Don't have any inspiration for extending the product. Now, we have 3 live to share with you some of our new product plans. These are determined by our marketing department, sales department, design department, and R&D department combined with current fashion trends and customer feedback, which took more than three months to determine. I believe it will help you and hope that we can collide with you for more and more inspiration. [s-32] Time: Mar.9 @ PST 4AM- 6AM | EST 7AM- 9AM | GMT 12PM-2PM Mar.15 @ PST 7AM- 9AM | EST 10AM-12PM | GMT 2PM-4PM Mar.24 @ PST 5PM-7PM | EST 8PM- 10PM | GMT Mar.25 0AM- 2AM https://facepaintfactory.com/liveroom.html

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