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Shijiazhuang Ditiantai electronic commerce Co., Ltd. is located in Hebei province,which is a professional supplier of body art products in China. We are the diversified company with face and body painting design, research and development and manufacture.And we devote on face and body painting, integrate the creativity and beauty perfectly, and depend on the creativity as the greatest generator. As a creative company. Learn More
About Ditiantai
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  • FACE PAINT Designed for children and adults Learn More
    WATER-ACTIVATED EYELINER Perfect for colorful retro makeup Learn More
    SFX MAKEUP Can draw a variety of unique appearance designs Learn More
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  • Multichrome Eyeshadow
    Multichrome Eyeshadow
    Multichrome Eyeshadow
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    Diantiantai supplier
    Shijiazhuang Ditiantai Electronic Commerce Company is a diversified supplier  that specialize in 13 years providing and exporting experience for Body and Face  painting and Cosmetic Products, which is consisted of different departments, such as Sales Department, Production Department, Marketing Department, Research and  Development Department, Warehouse, Professional Parking Team,  QA and QC Department, and we have been audited by GMP, BSCI and getting  some certificates, such as CE, ASTM, CPSR, MSDS, and so on. By taking quality, healthy, eco-friendly, natural, and the best-applied effect as the starting point, our products gain recognition from many foreign clients. Meanwhile,  our research and development department aims at developing more and more individualized products to fulfill clients' demands and fashion steps. So every year, lots of new styles of products are promoted to market, and some items become hot sales, such as face paint, water-activated eyeliner, multichrome eyeshadow, and nail art. And as a creative company, we also have the ability to offer  O E M and O D M service for our customers. All of the colorful products are aimed at offering a more colorful life to clients and the most intimate and professional service as well as a confident and wonderful life to clients. We are confident that our service will be a valuable asset to your function. Welcome to learn more information and inquiry us.
  • Show your personal charm—-Press on nails
    Show your personal charm—-Press on nails
    Show your personal charm----Press on nails
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    All about Graphic Liners You already know… it’s soo trending! Graphic liners are everywhere! So what are we waiting for? Gra
    Don’t Let Halloween Makeup Ruin Your Skin The scariest thing this Halloween and Day of the Dead may actually be the makeup you are putting on your face! Lead is a known carcinogen and powerful neurotoxin that scientists generally agree has no safe level of exposure. Its negative effects are wide-reaching, affecting nearly every part of the body. And yet, lead can be found in numerous brands of makeup in the United States. According to a Huffington Post article, a recent study found that 66% of the top brands of lipstick sold in the U.S
    How to pick safe face paints for kids, painting tips children Face Paint is so much fun for young kids to experience. There’s something magical about getting your face painted. Kids don’t need to know how to make detailed designs to enjoy painting themselves, another face, or their own body. Face painting is great for dress-up play or dressing up an existing costume. Body painting actually comes very naturally to kids; I’ve witnessed this many times in my classes. Set up a child in front of a large mirror so they can see the paint go on their own face. In
    What Are The Latest Makeup Trends Of 2021 Expressive Eyes As long as face masks remain extremely important to wear, beauty fans will adapt by going all out with eye makeup. We've all are a force to use our eyes to show off our personalities and emotions—even how we communicate, and it's been a fun experiment with colorful liners, textured shadows, and slick lashes.  Celebrity makeup artist Shadi Malek predicts that neon shadows like lime green will be this season's hero look. "Summer 2021 is all about the unique eye makeup—whether it's
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