All about Graphic Liners

You already know… it’s soo trending! Graphic liners are [...]

You already know… it’s soo trending! Graphic liners are everywhere! So what are we waiting for? Grab your colorful eyeshadows and your brush and let’s go!

Greyscale – Don’t like colors? No problem. We have the classic black liner for you. Want something different from the usual black liners? Try white! And don’t forget to practice for a steady hand. Here are some of my favorite styles to try –

Pastel vibes – If you’re a pastel lover like me, these ones are for you. Try them with shimmery eyeshadows as a base. If you don’t have colorful liners, we’ll make one. Simply wet your brush with water/setting spray and dip it in your eyeshadow. Make sure you prep your eyelids with concealer before, so that the colors pop out nicely.

Bold colors – If you wanna go for bolder looks, there you go –

Try experimenting with colorful kohls and mascaras for your bottom lashes. Remember to keep the rest of your face subtle. With such heavy eyes, you can’t afford to look like a robot.

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