UV Face Paint helps you to stand out from the crowd

UV Face Paint helps you to stand out from the crowd Whe [...]

UV Face Paint helps you to stand out from the crowd

When starting out most people prefer to keep it simple going for dots and swirls, as shown in the picture above. Although these designs are simple to create they they have real impact when seen under blacklight. PaintGlow’s range of UV Face Painting Sticks –  are perfect for creating this kind of look. They go on smoothly and allow a lot of control so you can make the most of the intricate patterns.

For the more outgoing and adventurous amongst us why not go the whole hog and use PaintGlows  UV Face Paint –  or their UV Body Paint –  to create stunning designs that really make you stand out. Being creams they can be applied using either sponges, brushes or everyone’s favourite application device, your fingers! In creating bold blocks of colour you can create stunning all over designs that make a personal statement.

To compliment your look and really make an impression why not try PaintGlow’s range of Glow in the Dark Hair Streaks   Coming in eight dramatic colours, you can add the Glow in the Dark Hair Streaks easily with applicator brush that is included. PaintGlow also stock a range of UV Hair Gel   and Neon UV Hair Chalk. To complete the look why not treat your nails to a fresh coat of polish with PaintGlow’s range of UV Nail Polish.

If you are ready to give 110%, open your mind and let your inner raving hippie free while listening to some of the hottest dance tunes around. You will be rewarded with one of the most euphoric workouts to hit the scene. You will come away feeling like you are on top of the world, even a little bit tipsy. But unlike a night on the town all you will wake up with in the morning is toned body。


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