The water activated eyeliner is it waterproof?

Some customers ask the water-activated eyeliner is wate [...]

Some customers ask the water-activated eyeliner is waterproof?

Because they are water-activated which means that they are not waterproof. But they are Transfer resistant

And if you use a makeup sealer or water-resistant activator, you can obtain a more water and sweat-resistant look.

How many colors for the water-activated eyeliner?

As far as I know, there are more than 100 colors on the market.

There are classics colors, neon pastel colors, neon color, pearly color, split cake color, duo-chrome.

There are also some custom-made colors.

So this shows that the color of the water-activated eyeliner can be customized.

The color can be customized according to the color number of the Pantone color card.

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