Cannot find qualified goods?

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Nowadays, varieties of exhibitions and online platforms have been emerged, people have more and more channels to find goods, which are more and more convenient. However, the whole market environment is complicated, and it is not easy for you to judge the soundness of other's qualifications. Also, false delivery, shoddy fraud are emerged in endlessly.

"We want to be the breakers so that customers can trust us." —— Lillian Feng of DItiantai CEO

In 2014, we established Shijiazhuang Ditiantai Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd based on our own factory.

Taking face paint products for example, we make some changes, focus on the quality: to achieve the best painting effect, each lake was imported from Sunchemical Corporation in the United States. We hope to use high quality to offer better customer experience.

In the future, we will continue to develop every new product with this attitude.


Difficult to start your business?

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In 2018, we found that many new entrepreneurs did not know how to start due to lack of capital, high MOQ, too much risk to take, lack of experience and other reasons. It’s a pity to see many brands die, lose the opportunity to realize the dream.

"We insist on developing 10 to 50 new products each year to help our customers lead the market." ——Lillian Feng of DItiantai CEO

We decided to help our client, to reduce the risk of their business.

After a year of research and testing, in 2019 we realized to provide a lower MOQ, customized LOGO service in low quantities to help entrepreneurs start their dreams. In 2020, we independently develop and design 10 to 50 new products each year to help entrepreneurs lead the market.

In the further, we will also use the accumulated experience over the years to help them grow up quickly.